Communicate with us

You can Communicate with us over Skype (, email ( or Come to our office and seek advice from us. Tell us what your demand is and what you are craving for. If there are any pictures that you want us to edit, leave them to us, in order to show our magic.


Our specialists can perceive your demand, will provide you the simplest answers which will suit your need, and will communicate to you in only some hours with tailor created services which will suit your necessities and of course, we’ll include a quote a price for your further consideration.

Order Approval

You can study and have detail look what we have offered you including the prices we have set as well. If you are happy with the offer which we have sent then place the order.

Fast and safe image transfer

Dropbox sync is a fantastic service we’re able to offer you. When you opt in for Dropbox, you just copy-paste files to/from one specific folder to auto synchronize with our system. As an alternative you can also use FTP or web file manager. We have unlimited space FTP Server. Also you can use WeTransfer,Hightail, Onedrive,WeSendit etc we are familiar with these as well.

Starting the project

We will start to work on your project as soon as you place the order. And we will begin our magic as we mentioned earlier. We strongly believe that not even a single detail of the project get missed out by mistake and we will never make you feel that your money was wasted on us, and to do it we work hard a lot.  Once your project is done we will sent to by email and you can download it.

Completion of Job

Complete the project and finally hand over it to the client