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Clipping Path Resource (CPR) is a global company that believes in utilizing technology to benefit the customers. We are here to carry out pre-production works for you.

Clippingpathresource.com is the best Clipping path service provider, Image Masking Service Provider, Retouching Service Provider, Ghost/Meniquine/Nick join service provider, Photo editing, Silo Path Service, Deep Etching service provider in USA, German, Australia, Denmark, Netherlands, UK, Norway, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Bangladesh, India. As a clipping path, graphic design and web design provider and an outsourcing company

Services We Provide

Clipping Path

clipping path service provider

Clipping path service is a process which is used to cut an image while using image editing software. Clipping Path Resource (CPR) provides the best service to complete the process for any image mentioned above. It is also known as Vector path too.

Image Masking

clipping path service provider

Clipping Path Resource (CPR) is the best image masking service provider. It is a process which is used when clipping path cannot be used to edit an image. When a picture has so many bits to look in details, clipping path becomes very difficult to use

Background Remove

clipping path service provider

Clipping Path Resource (CPR) is able to process two thousand plus background removed images per day. We use high speed internet to ensure that our work is delivered on time. Not only that, our teams are timely shifted by eight per shift and gave the clients the

Background Replacement

clipping path service provider

 Background replacement service is a sort of manipulation that consists of the removal of the groundwork and strengthen its quality with special changes. These are actually correction of images by adding some shadows, reducing and increasing colors and many others.

Color Correction

clipping path service provider

 Color correction is the initial part of doing further retouching of an image and Clipping Path Resource (CPR) provide the most high quality color correction services at efficient rates to purchasers across different verticals and domains.

Mirror Effect

clipping path service provider

Clipping Path Resource (CPR) provides the mirror effect services to the leading photographers and publishers. We are providing nonstop services to other clients too. Our experts are so skilled that till date we did not receive any

Vector Drawing

clipping path service provider

Clipping Path Resource (CPR) provides vector drawing service at a lower price, with high quality artwork. Our moat of the work is completed in less than twenty four hours, and the accomplished file will be delivered to in your email.

Photo Manipulation

clipping path service provider

Image manipulation service is a method of using image altering techniques in pictures in order to upgrade or add value to the image. If you provide the image to www.clippingpathresource.com’s Image manipulation service,

Product Multipath

clipping path service provider

Image product multipath service is a very advanced version of normal clipping path. It helps to segregate each and every past of the picture and also changes the color respectively. We can give a new color and a complete different look to the segregated items.

Shadow Creation

clipping path service provider

Clipping Path Resource (CPR) is professional shadow creation creation service provider. Our have the most experienced artist working in three different shifts, twenty four hours a day. We provide the most high standard service to meet the clients’


clipping path service provider

Clipping Path Resource (CPR) provides the most extensive level of digital restoration service and we are the very expert in providing the above mentioned service. Our very advanced techniques along with the high class equipment help us

Image Retouching

clipping path service provider

Clipping Path Resource (CPR) is the best photo retouching service provider. It includes a lot of techniques and methods to obtain the expected results. Some examples are winkle remover, blemish remover, photo reshaping, teeth whitening, red-eye

Neck Joint

clipping path service provider

Neck joint service is sometimes known as Ghost mannequin service, Clipping Path Resource (CPR) are the best in it. We provide the best service at the most reasonable price. If you want to edit the image for commercial use on a regular basis

Transparency Masking

clipping path service provider

Clipping Path Resource (CPR) are the most cost effective and quality full image transparency masking service provider. It is very helpful technique for eliminating transparent pictures from the background. These techniques are basically

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  • Clipping Path Resource comes highly recommended. I have worked with Graphic Touch Media on multiple photo imaging projects and his team always provides a quality service on schedule, without sacrificing the integrity of the work. Rest assured, they will be able to meet your company’s budget regardless of scope.

    Deb Tien
    Creative Manager Milpitas, CA California
  • Clipping Path Resource was very responsive and completed the background removal on my product images quickly. The finished product looks great too! Thank you! I will be saving Clipping Path Resource’s contact information for further tasks.

    Austin, United States
  • Clippingpathresource Which are operated by GraphictouchMedia has helped our studio with all sorts of editing work over the past several years and has always impressed us with the quality of their work and their pricing.  We first started using them just for clipping paths but discovered that they can do so much more.  Very glad we found them!

    Ken Greenlee
    Studio Owner Pasadena, CA
  • Excellent work photo manipulation why deal with the rest when you have here the best ……will be sending more work soon thanks again.

    Alexis Melancon
    Skipp productions, Montreal, Canada
  • Brilliant to work with and knows photo editing very well, will work with you again Clipping Path Resource!!!!!! Thanks

    Newtownards, United Kingdom
  • I have worked with several Companies and found that Clipping Path Resource were easy to work with and deliver a great product on time and on budget. I have previously learned that communication can be difficult when working with other companies However, Clipping Path Resource  implemented a communication process that developed trust and a positive experience. Clipping Path Resource team speaks good English and made every effort to keep me happy and informed (even when I was the cause of miscommunication). I would definitely use Clipping Path Resource and his team again and would recommend Clipping Path Resource services.

    Chad Kimerer
    Mystic, United States